Since 2014, I have done more than 150 interviews. I have spoken to an astronaut, a diplomat, a war veteran, a Holocaust survivor, an ethical hacker, a former nun, extreme athletes, nature conservationists, designers, activists, businessmen and scientists. All of them were people who had a fascinating life story or a unique worldview.

Today I focus mainly on personalities who have successfully devoted themselves long-term to environmental protection or solving social problems. And because I have found that such people are like a needle in a haystack, I publish one interview a month on this blog.

In addition, I work as a Czech-English copywriter focusing on interviews and blog articles. So far, I have worked for companies like UP21, South Moravian Innovation Center, MotivP, Luigi’s Box and Rascasone. I also teach a course called “Freelancer: How to Write Interviews for Blogs, Media and PR Agencies” at Masaryk University and do individual consultations on the Art of Interview.

Please feel free to contact me via Facebook or LinkedIn.