I have done more than 70 written interviews and 40 video interviews with people from

  • companies like Google, Tesla Motors, Hyperloop, Deloitte, IBM
  • organizations like EU, OECD, UNICEF, National Geographic
  • universities like Stanford, Oxford, Michigan, Bern

and people from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Georgia, India, Indonesia, China, and UAE.



  • English & Czech copywriting
  • 4 years in blogging and journalism
  • Know-how in photography, videos and marketing
  • Work experience with corporations, SME’s, startups, and freelancers


What I Can Do for You

  • Write blogs & articles.
  • Craft written interviews.
  • Create video interviews.

What People Say about My Work

“I have not met a blogger who would do their job so hard and diligently. This girl definitely has a future in journalism.”

Robert Vlach, business consultant and operator of the Na volné noze portal

“I talked to Veronika about B2B sales in startups. Veronika was very well-prepared and the interview was on a high professional level. The interview had more than 700 views on my social networks with very positive feedback. It generated several interesting leads, including one contract.”

Petr Sobotka, B2B Sales Consultant